During a busy day, pause what you are doing and look around.

Visualize a clear sky, fluffy clouds, and a warm cup of coffee.

Our unique cushioned handbag was designed to give you comfort and warmth.

Take a break from your hectic life. The Pause & Break tote will help you kick back.

The brand name Pause&Break came from the Pause / Break button on the keyboard.

Unlike the stop button, which brings programs to a halt, the word pause means to restart. 

We hope that our innovative air-cushioned inflatable handbag will help you take a little break from the stresses of your ordinary life.

The “Pause&Break” cushion bag provides extra functionality, comfort and stability.

Whether you or your loved ones are commuting by airplane, by train, by bus or by subway, this product is for you.

Life is filled with hard edges. This innovative product will literally cushion you from the hard edges you may encounter along the way to your final destination.

This product was designed for people who need a brief time-out in their otherwise busy lives.

This cushioned commuter bag is perfect for people who take public transportation to and from work, or occasionally stay late in the office.

When life hits you hard, blow into the mouthpiece, and the bag will inflate.

One minute this product looks like a normal tote bag. The next minute it's a cushion.

SPEXTRUM’s cushioned tote bag can be inflated like a cushion or deflated and stored flat.

When the bag is inflated, the cushion provides protection to your body and your belongings.